emerging worlds


What I’m interested in as a painter is raw emotion and how that relates to color and the situation that is created when the colors and the raw emotions meet – and I’m interested in how much life I can create within this shape – within this framework.

The intuitive element, the trust and turmoil that occur throughout the process, the reflection of influences that pour into the painting, the conversation between inner and outer worlds is all very rich and interconnected.

I know a painting is successful when I realize it is peering back at me, in its glory, pulling me into its mystery. Its sensual, emotional and, yes, personal world. I am thrilled by the structure that emerges out of that chaos.

This series marks my achievement of the past two years, of developing this conversation between color, raw emotion and contained chaos and the Emerging Worlds which ensue. It is my honor to share it with you.

Juniper Foster 11/17/2015

art exh IMG_9446

Main Street Gallery at CBSRZ Chester, CT



photo taken in the studio

photo taken in the New York studio




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